Wednesday, July 27, 2011

:: my confession ::

this is my confession:
  1. i have a bad habit where when i am hungry i will say to myself that i am hungry then i will go to the kitchen and hope to find something nice to eat. Then i will open the fridge with hope that i will find something intresting(on that period) which is usually i will not find the food that i want then end up just drinking water( mmm... my bad habit that love to open up the fridge even-though i know there is nothing that will interest me in the fridge)
  2. I am a spoil girl. i always get what i want. i will fight for what i want. if my parents did not give me then i will find a way to earn it myself.
  3. i love to travel. that even-though that i did not have the money i will still travel. travel what ever it takes.
  4. i love to read novel (which many of my friends find it is very surprising)
  5. i try my best not to watch horror movie. i hate it...( takut terbayang2 waktu malamm)
  6. i love to watch movies that need a deep thinking and a movies that allow me to feel the the character. 
  7. my music is like a guy's playlist. lifehouse, arctic monkeys, the breaking benjamin, john mayer, incubus, byk sgt lah...tak tersebut
  8. a lot of people think that i am a serious person.hahahaha...sebenarnye tak. ok...!
  9. i am easily touched 
  10. i have a big family. i have 2 mommy and 2 daddy that i love
  11. i love to drive. i love to drive especially at night
  12. my most beloved possession are my hp pavilion laptop, my gap tote bag that i bought with ashikin razali, my mp3 player, my thumbdrive, my ray ban craft caravan shades, my novels, my watch that i bought with mara loan, my graduation watch that my dad give and my stinky pillow
  13. saye suka tidur lambat
  14. i luuuvvvvvvvvv nasi kandaq
  15. i usually try to hide what i feels that i am afraid that ones will feels offended. and i try my best not to show if i am unhappy, i am sick because i am afraid to say no and turn down people that have hope on me
  16. i am the first daughter and the first grand child of the family
  17. i love money...
  18. i love cars... and i prefer to drive a sedan car
  19. i love both of my mummy's dishes to the extend that i will ignore when my mum ask me to cook and  and i will try thousand of thing that makes me escape to do the cooking.
  20. i try my best to make everyone happy
  21. most of my friend think that i am rich but i am not. i earn the money myself. i do the chores and work for what i want to spend.
  22. if i watch a movies i love a movies that have scenes where the hero is sick or die (psst...i love to watch guys when they are in pains. it's amusing)
there is a lot of things that i want to say, till the next time.

- sk -

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