Friday, January 29, 2010

:: differentiation function ::

differentiation carries a lot meaningful things. A part of calculating the slopes it also means that it may carry differentiation that a human being had.From the point of babies we differentiates from what we are now.We differentiate or we change as time passes.We may begin with some pure attitude when we were born but as we grow we become what we are now.By calculating the slopes we can find out the slopes of the curve and it is the change the value of x and y.As a human being our attitude is the slopes as the curve is the time line of our life...
agree with it or not.

The differentiation may produce different outcome since everyone have different and unique changes throughout our life thus it carries different slopes.

look at ourself how steep is our slopes...
how steep our slope are...

differentiation also means how we differentiates people and how we judge someone.We may judge something bad out of people contributing to a steep slopes.It differentiates what we think someone is good or bad.
Interpreting things also differentiates us and others.Thus creating the differentiation function again.

Differentiation ???

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